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Shortlist of Services, inluding:

  • Transportation – by Land, Rail, Ocean and Air Construction works
  • Port Services
  • Marine Services
  • Consulting
  • Terminal Services
  • Warehousing and Storage
  • Customs Formalities
  • Project Logistics
  • Consulting – Surveying, Reporting, Test Drives, Site visits and etc.
  • Dedicated, own in-house transport engineer Core Specialization: Heavy and OversizeHauling
  • Crane service
  • Utilization of the most cost-effective means of transportation
  • Jacking and Sliding operations


Cooperation with Companies like Georgian State Electrosystem, Heidelberg, BP, DHL, TBEA, Saipem and other international companies, gave us possibility to develop high standards in HSE, Ethic and Quality.


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